Monday, August 22, 2016


So I made the decision to do the Appalachian Trail! I started planning 2 years ago to get serious to do this feat. I would interview people who were on the trail from my sidewalk vendor job in Hanover NH. I asked many questions: how many pairs of shoes do you go through? How much $ will it take? What do I pack, How do I pack it in a small backpack, Is it safe, can I go it alone? What do you eat, how do you sleep? So many more questions and people were very friendly and informative. I have taken that information and used it for my planning. I'm still very unsure of many things. Even though I'm going alone for the most part I know I am never alone, I have my Lord Jesus with me always. He is my sufficiency, my friend in need and companion in life.

So to get on with my very first day, I had met a woman in MA who was hiking with her family on Mothers Day who agreed to join me for the first 187 miles of this 2180 mile hike. She is a very fit person who is amazingly driven to get the job done when she says she will do it. We had from June 25th-July 9th to do what we could. I also arranged for my sister Jeannette to drive us up to the Milenocket ME area and drop us off in Baxter State Park to start our journey.

June 24th we drove up to Millenocket ME and stayed at the AT Lodge a hiker hostel that is were a lot of hikers stay. We arrived very late 11 pm I think. went right to bed and were told to get to the park very early to get in to hike. Baxter Park is very strict on their hiking and the amount of people they let in each day.