Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 2

Woke up with the sun today 4:30. Deb & I made breakfast and packed up by 8:30 later than I wanted to start, but we started off on the AT 1 day of about 10 miles of hiking, 1st day with our full packs. Mt. Katahdin doesn't let people take there full pack up any more because of a hiker last year who broke lots of rules. Baxter state park is very picky but for good reasons.  
Deb & I got a young man come and hike with us. We stopped at a waterfalls for lunch and a break. It took us until 5:30 to hike just 9 miles to Abol Bridge campground. The terain was not that bad a couple river crossings roots & rocks to step over or in between. Abol Bridge is The last stop before "The WILDERNESS" a stretch of  100 miles of trail with no road crossings. 
These are the white markings to follow the trail. I don't know who marks the trail but I do really appreciate all the work that gets done so I don't get lost. 

After arriving  to the campsite hot tired and hungry, we set up house. Deb & I had to share my tent. I made a decision that my pack was too heavy and I needed to lighten up a bit more. I took out most of my extra clothes and 1 of my 2 stoves & fuel I carried. All told I think I lightened up about 7-8 lbs. huge difference. We had a special guest just before going off to sleep, a whip-o-will bird came to each site and did his special song Whipowill, Whipowill rang out of his song. Beautiful day and ending.