Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 33-34

I'm up until 2am trying to update everyone in this blog. Even though I had my own room, purely accidental just no more new guests there are 3 bunk beds in the room. I'm feeling like a queen. I got up several times in the few hrs I slept. Finally got up to stay 5am. I had coffee and put on my pandora worship station and worshiped my Lord Jesus for 1 hr dancing to the music on the back patio area. Breakfast will be ready at 7. As I walk back in the house the wonderful smell of the food gets my attention. Pony my buddy from the Mahoosuc notch area will be doing a 21mile challenge today so Marni feeds him early I pass on the challenge, I'll do it in 2 days. Fine Line & Goat Gas are doing this area in 3 days. It's my first full day hiking in NH I'm cafinated and pumped to be in the white mountains. I'm hoping for 13 miles today 8 tomorrow. I got dropped off in Pinkerton Notch with the other 2 I agree to hike with them a bit. I'm feeling on top of the world today! I get going and the other 2 told me to do my hike don't worry about them keeping up. So I'm off to the races. I'm going up Wildcat mountain going NOBO for this 21mile section and feeling a bit off, I'm hiking with all the NOBO's some young guys that I had seen at the notch pass me but I'm still crusin' having a great time, the terrain is very tough but I'm in the zone!  
I sent this pic to my friend Cheryl who hiked with me 1x I said yes I'm rock climbing! Getting to the top of Wildcat felt good several gals & guys probably 20 something are dancing to a song called Wildcat. We all take time for a snack and get back to hiking. One guy "No Name" stayed with me or I stayed with him not sure, until Carter Hut one of the AMC huts. I heard you can get free food at some of the huts, the gal in the kitchen finds food for everyone but me. I feel slighted and cop an attitude. No Name & I head out together but I'm outta energy now, probably the tude. I lose him to my slower pace now. Not really sure if I took too long a break or got passed up for free food. I didn't get very far this first day I made it to Zeta Pass very high elevation just under 3900 ft. I set up my tent then get my dinner going. I'm getting cold and the temp is dropping, the wind is blowing I'm starting to shiver. I realize I need to change into dry warm clothes. I leave my dinner to do so.  2 other hikers that did get free food stay there too. I'm not alone. They ask me to.wake them in the morning. I'm still very cold so I get into my sleeping bag and cover myself even my head. It took a while to warm up with all my clothes on. Lesson learned change as soon as I get my tent set up. 
Day 34 
I'm up at 5:30 first light. Get packed and ready to go by 6:30. I try to awaken my neighbors as they had asked me to, but no real movement. I've got a long day in front of me I need to get 12.7 miles. I only brought 2 days of food. I have to do it today. The 2 "Saftey Pin" & "White Noise" the couple that stayed with me at Zeta are headed for the same place today. White House Inn & Hostel. Marni had agreed to get my mail for me so I would have my resupply of food. The hike today was challenging up over several peaks Mt. Mariah peak was off the AT by .1 so I did summit that. 
This is a bog bridge in a wet lands place they are all over the trail surprisingly there are bogs at high elevations in depressed areas on top of the heights. It breeds all kinds of amazing plant life. Did i mantion I don't like going downhill for long stretches? Well I don't & neither does my body. I can't remember how long the descent was but it followed a river for miles downhill to the road where the hostel is. I was running at points and walking backwards to take the pressure off my knees, until finally I make it to the hostel. 2 days without a shower that's a good thing. I've been as many as 9 days without getting in a shower. That was back in the wilderness of Maine. Marni came through getting my resupply from the Post Office for me. After light packing I realize things I really don't need to carry I need to lighten up my pack a bit. I reorganize and send stuff off to the next hostel I'll stay at and some things back home. I'm lighter and happier. 

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